IPE Conference and Awards 2016

Welcome to the Robeco Workshop 2016

Implementing Factor Investing Strategies

Friday, 02 December 11:40 - 12:30

Now that factor-based investing is gaining traction, how are asset owners implementing it? 

The Robeco Workshop 2016 will help investors understand which implementation strategy is right for their portfolio and which factors are being widely adopted.


Joop Huij is executive director, head of factor investing research at Robeco. 

Huij is responsible for the coordination of factor investing research and development of customised factor investing solutions. He specialises in empirical asset pricing and investment strategies.

Huij also holds a part-time position as associate professor of finance at the Rotterdam School of Management. He has published many articles on banking and finance. 
Huij started his career as a researcher in 2007 and holds a PhD in Finance.

Simon Lansdorp is a researcher in Robeco’s factor investing research team. His areas of expertise include factor allocation, stock selection and portfolio construction.

Lansdorp focuses on structuring client-specific factor investing solutions and developing new investment strategies. He joined Robeco in 2009 while he was simultaneously working on his doctorate.

Lansdorp holds an master’s in economics from the Erasmus University Rotterdam and a PhD in finance. 

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