IPE Conference and Awards 2016

  Welcome to the FTSE Russell Workshop 2016

   Unobserved Risks in the Industrial Transition to a Low Carbon Economy

Friday, 02 December 11:40 - 12:30

Worldwide, the negative impact caused by the current industrial model, risks of anthropogenic climate change and limits to growth of the incumbent economic system are becoming of significant concern.

Increasingly, companies understand the need to control and reduce activities that make a negative contribute negatively, while enhancing those that make a positive contribute positively.

Such a dynamic and nonlinear macro period of change create significant disruption and risk management issues. In addition, the investment industry has limited structural tools to enable effective navigation through this transition.

The FTSE Russell workshop will present deep insight into this subject, including:

➢ Primary drivers of the unobserved risks facing the investment industry during the transition
➢ Methods available to manage these issues within a disciplined risk controlled framework


Gordon Morrison is managing director, ESG at FTSE Russell, with joint responsibility for the climate change, resource depletion, and environmental, social and governance group.

Morrison started his career as an investment consultant before gaining further experience in corporate finance, conventional fund management, equity portfolio trading and transition management, derivative and quantitative research and proprietary quantitative trading. He has worked for Bacon & Woodrow, Goldman Sachs, SG Warburg, UBS, Commerzbank, WMG and HSBC.

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