IPE Conference and Awards 2016

"This is a major coup for NEST. To be selected as best in Europe at these prestigious and well-regarded awards is testament to how far we’ve come in just five years of investing. This kind of recognition by IPE will prompt pension professionals across Europe to reconsider how they view NEST’s investment approach.”
Mark Fawcett, Chief Investment Officer, National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), UK
European Pension Fund of the Year 2016

In the IPE Awards 2016, over 470 entries across 43 categories from pension funds worth collectively €2 trillion from 24 different countries were judged. 

These pensions institutions work for over 90 million members. 


  • You will contribute to the benchmarks for Europe's diverse pension fund industry that the IPE Awards provide, meaning your can measure your approach and performance against your peers across Europe
  • Winning an IPE Award inspires trust and confidence among your members and rewards the hard work of your teams
  • You can get constructive feedback from the experts and specialists making up the judging panels
  • The entries provide the perfect opportunity to share and exchange ideas as well as learn from your peers
  • You can showcase your approach to current challenges 


  • Pension funds
  • Other institutional investors that offer pension provision, such as life insurance companies
  • 100% pensions-owned asset managers with no third party clients
  • Specialist pensions companies that provide occupational pensions provision

The IPE Awards cannot accept entries from pensions-owned investment vehicles or funds. In addition, the IPE Awards reserves the right to restrict entries from pension-owned asset managers to themed awards only if their entry concerns a specific area of their operations, for example commodities investing, that is not drafted in support of a specific pension fund’s own investment strategy and objectives. 


Entering the IPE Awards is completely confidential. We will not forward, share or use any part of any entry unless it wins. We only reveal the names of the winners and short-lists on the night of the awards and reserve the right to use winning entries as the basis of an article in the winners supplement that is made available after the Gala Dinner and distributed with the subsequent issue of IPE. 

You may submit the same entry and/or additional entries for the Country/Regional Awards and/or the Themed Awards. If you do submit the same entry for your country/region and different themes, it will be judged independently by the relevant judging panels:

  • at national/regional level against all other entries from pension funds in your region
  • at pan-European level against all other entries for the themes you have chosen


Comprising chiefly investment consultants, academics and former pension fund executives from across Europe, the IPE Awards judges are specially chosen according to their region and/or area of expertise. Up to 100 judges can be involved in the IPE Awards.

Judging involves a two-stage review process for all the categories except the Country/Regional awards and is completely transparent. The judges make use of IPE's online entry system to review and score the entries. 

Each judging panel features at least four judges. For the Outstanding Industry Contribution and Pension Fund Achievement of the Year, we aim to appoint between eight and 10 judges, with each representing a different European country.

The first phase of the judging process invites members of each judging panel to read and score the entries according to a 20-point score matrix that ranks each against its peers, nationally, regionally and globally. We calculate an average of the judges’ scores to produce the ranking in each category. This gives us the Country and Regional Awards winners.

For the Themed, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, there is a second stage of judging that invites members of each judging panel to join a discussion on the results of the first round of judging of the relevant category. The judges may revise their score during or after the discussion. If need be, we then recalculate the averages and agree the winners.

The Outstanding Industry Contribution and Pension Fund Achievement of the Year awards are based on readers' nominations that are forwarded to the specialist 10-strong judging panels to review. 

The judges’ view is final and no correspondence or contact between judges and entrants is entertained.

It is inevitable in a business such as ours that conflicts of interest can occur at the judging stage. We rely on our judges to make sure that such factors do not influence their views and we are happy that our judges act with honesty and integrity. Were a serious conflict to emerge, however, the any judge may excuse themselves from judging a particular entry. In this instance, we would take an average of the other judges' scores in that panel to generate the conflicted judge's score.

If there are pension funds with equal top scores, IPE is happy to present the award to both funds as joint winners. 


We use a straightforward and time-saving online entry system. Simply register and fill in the relevant entry forms, based on your country/region and any themed awards you wish to enter.

We can also assist with any queries that you have and can help you draft your entries. For further guidance and information, please contact Robert Watson:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 3465 9327
Email: robert.watson@ipe.com