IPE Conference and Awards 2016

Welcome to the Candriam Investors Group
Workshop 2016

Portfolio Hedging Techniques and Investment Strategies

Thursday, 01 December 14:05 - 15:00

Pension funds face unprecedented market conditions and invest in unchartered territories. The Candriam Investors Group Workshop 2016 will illustrate how to combine investment strategies to protect portfolios and generate returns in a world of very low interest rates and accrued volatility.


Kristof Woutters is global head of investment solutions and financial engineering at Candriam Investors Group. He is responsible for product development and innovation across distribution segments. In order to guide strategic decision-making, Woutters is also in charge of market intelligence.

He and his team are also involved in the development of advanced investment solutions taking into account specific client needs and respective regulatory frameworks, such as integrated LDI solutions for pension funds and insurance groups.

Koen Van de Maele was promoted to deputy chief investment officer of traditional investments at Candriam Investors Group in June 2016 from his former position of global head of investment engineering, which he held from 2012. He joined Candriam in 2001 as a bond fund manager and quantitative analyst. In 2009 he was appointed global head of fixed income.

Van de Maele holds a master of science in engineering as well as industrial management from Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven in Belgium.

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