IPE Conference and Awards 2016

Welcome to the AXA Investment Managers
Workshop 2016

Solvency in a Low Interest Rate Environment:
Solutions for an Ongoing Challenge

Thursday, 01 December 14:05 - 15:00

With most quoted debt offering relatively low or even negative yields, long-term investors need to look further afield to maintain or improve their solvency or funding levels. 

The AXA Investment Managers workshop will share the experience of how institutional investors have answered the low-yield challenge by looking beyond the quoted debt market into alternative credit solutions. 

It will also demonstrate how to address the challenges commonly associated with accessing alternative credit, such as the lack of scale, limited resources and concerns about inflexibility, downside risk and lack of transparency.


Laurent Cezard is head of business development, structured finance at AXA IM, advising group and third party clients on strategic asset allocation, primarily for loans, private debt and securitised assets.

Cezard joined AXA IM in 2004 as a senior CDO structurer within the structuring team where he remained for five years. Prior to AXA IM, Laurent worked at AXA Holding’s Corporate Finance and Treasury department for four years,

Pierre-Antoine Godefroy is head of investment solutions & risks at AXA and has been implementing the AXA Alternative Credit programme since the end of 2012. He is actively involved in the selection of external managers operating in a wide array of credit strategies.

In this role, he also takes an active part in designing innovative structuring solutions to address various tax and regulatory requirements arising from the programme. 
Prior to this, Godefroy managed the fixed income allocations of AXA UK. 

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