IPE Conference and Awards 2016

Welcome to the Amin Rajan - CREATE-Research

Workshop 2016

Investing in the Post-Brexit World

Thursday, 01 December 08:30 - 09:30

After eight years, QE has caused an unprecedented distortion of asset values through convictionless trades. The boundaries of the unconventional policies are being stretched to their extremes with the arrival of negative interest rates. Growth remains sub par in all the key regions. There is no sign of normalisation. 

The UK's recent vote to exit the European Union (Brexit) is yet another headwind unknown, with far-reaching consequences for the EU as an economic power. Donald Trump's victory will also have far reaching implications for global trade and national security.

Risks are staked up like a wedding cake. Against this background, and based on a new survey, this session will present an assessment based on the views of European pension funds on three pertinent issues:
 How will Brexit affect financial markets over the rest of this decade? 
 Which asset allocation approaches are likely to be adopted?
 Which investment innovations are likely to deliver acceptable results in the volatile environment of this decade?


Prof Amin Rajan is CEO of CREATE–Research, the UK-based think tank specialising in the future trends in the global fund management industry. He is the author of numerous acclaimed reports on the industry’s evolving dynamics and the responses they require. He also offers strategic advisory services to CEOs and CIOs.

In the last 10 years, he has undertaken advisory assignments with numerous prominent fund managers around the world in areas like strategic change, investment performance, client service, product innovation and talent management.

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